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Feb. 10th, 2011







Jan. 30th, 2011



Fucking hell, so the power surges and whatever no big deal. Surges again, goes out. Emergency lights go on. Somewhat inconvenient but not so bad. About an hour later, emergency lights go out. Emergency emergency lights are on. Think 1ftx1ft squares. Two per probably a 70ft hallway, clustered together on one end. No lights in the bathrooms. (Unless you lived in one specific hallway, that was pitch dark with no windows.) Not okay. Turns out the entire town is powerless. Well fuck. It gets to the point where the emergency emergency lights die and all the light in the red glowing exit signs. Horror movie anyone? It was like looking into hell or something. Me and a couple of friends went and had a fairly lit room by using six flashlights. We also spent all day playing bananagrams and Apples to Apples and overall just going “WTF power.”


Dec. 26th, 2010

Obligatory "I'm not dead, I swear" post

Haha... oh wow, I don't even know where to start on what I haven't posted.

Worked the second weekend of Moby Dick the Musical, god, the cast was great, we dealt with some pretty big issues, like Ishmael losing her voice, oof, that was crazy. But it went off great. <3

There were fantastic Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with my college friends, love you guys, <3, and some gift exchanging and they're all fabulous and know how to spoil me like nobody's business. (Diesel headphones, Ludo CD, Border's giftcard - which pretty much got immediately spent on a manga and the style issue of GQ)

God, and I'm pretty sure everyone in my social circle with a significant other got engaged too, so that's great for them.

God, finals week was brutal, if only because I am self-destructive like woah. (What few grades that are out I pretty much saw coming, so I'll live.) Put everything off to the last second as per usual with the addition of trolling the Sherlock comm. So attention, yeah, it was gone.

Speaking of, I bought the Sherlock DVD for myself and it was everything I wanted~ <3 I've been splurging a bit here and there. Bought a skirt and then my parents got me a black button-up (which pretty much means I NEED to go and buy that solid white tie I've been wanting for forever.)

Spent Thursday evening with my hometown friends, and there was Apples to Apples, talking, and some Zombieland. Haha, couldn't go wrong there.

Since Friday I've been camping out at Ariana's and that's as good as always. Jeff came this time too and I think he's been enjoying himself, I hope he has anyway.


Happy holidays everyone. <3

Nov. 7th, 2010

So, I have just spent the last hour on my feet running, pacing, jogging up and down my hall/room simply because the end to The Great Game was so, I really don't even what to call it, but it was so that that I had that much energy to burn. I still can't sit still but shin splints hurt and I'd really rather not aggravate them. BUT ANYWAY, yes, Sherlock, fabulous, utterly fabulous, completely amazing, adored it to no end, knew quite a bit of the twists and turns that were going to happen in this last episode and it STILL delivered and stupendously! The end, ugh, the end we won't talk about, but it was fantastic overall. Highly, HIGHLY recommend and really really really craving ordering the damn thing, but alas, the cash I do not have to spend.

I still don't have pictures of my rave outfit, but one of {...} has surfaced, so, here you go for the Hanna fans here. There's a lot I wish I could've done better with it, but it's still a pretty good attempt considering.

Cut for your f-listsCollapse )

And finally, one my best friends got engaged over the weekend. I'm really happy for her and the boy, even if it was just a matter of time.
(*should shut up about posting fail because wtf is this madness*)







Massive fanning out of the way (kind of), I just don't DO anything. :/

Well, no, last week one of the RAs held a Halloween rave event. Clearly, I decked out to the nines. My friend's got pictures and if she ever gets around to uploading them, sharing everywhere. I ended up with... possibly 40 glowsticks on my person. I only planned for like 20 and get it down to 10, but they were like "Fuck, it we got tons, go all out." (I originally was planning to have Unit 01 from the Eva rebuilds done, but that wasn't happening.) It was sad that no one showed up, mostly because they saw three people and went "The hell, this is lame. *leaves*" Obviously it's lame, no one's staying, durrrr. But we had a blast and the RA was like "I'd rather have a few who loved it versus a ton who are like "ehhhhh"."

Halloween this weekend! Not going home or anywhere so no trick-or-treating for me. (This town legit has laws against it.) But Friday I will dressing as {...} from HiNaBN. (I was extremely pleased to learn my afternoon lab was canceled, less worrying over the makeup.)

What else, what else... Ah! One of my friends gave me his PSP and Birth By Sleep so I could play and I've been working on that. I cannot and will never be able to be a magic user, this is killing me. I only have the last boss fight of the last character left and oh god, I'm just not ready for it at all. So it got put down and Persona 4 got picked up, which tacster002 lent me way back at the beginning of the semester to play. Holy shit, <3. It's wicked good, I'm really not happy I can only play on the weekends, because I start and then go "...It's WHAT time?!"

Nng~ PBS played BBC's Sherlock on Monday and nnnnnngggggggg <333333333333333 SO MUCH LOVE.  SO much. Like, I don't even know what to say beyond it is absolutely fabulous and a fantastic modern day adaptation and it's still so faithful but the changes are still just as acceptable and perfect and the casting, I couldn't even pick a thing wrong at all and oh my god, just, love. I've been dying to watch it for forever but I never got around to it and coincidentally when I'd been craving it IT STARTS PLAYING. Amazon has pre-orders up for the DVD and I'm already going "Where am I going to scrape together the cash for this / is there anyway I can convince my mother this is a legitimate purchase in the first place?" I have quite easily reached the point of doodling Sherlock in my notebooks and I never draw people, like real life people and what is this, I don't even.

That's a great load of nothing you all just learned. ^^; Sorry to your f-lists.

Sep. 30th, 2010

...Holy crap it's been another month sans posts. Faillll.

I have inadvertently adopted a frikkin' ton of freshmen, aka the ducklings. I love a quarter of them, am pretty okay with another quarter, am ambivalent about another, and the final is like WTF WHY ARE YOU HERE LEAVE. Needless to say, no one likes her. But apparently none of us is a big enough ass to tell her to just leave already dammit. Good news: I only see her during meal times and Anime Club. Bad news: this still means I see her.

So many classes, SO MUCH BOREDOM. It is honest to god a 50/50 shot on whether I even attempt to look like I am conscious. I'unno, college is boring, why would I wanna talk about that. :/

Buying awesome cosplay-esque things, however, is hella interesting. <3 I totally found the perfect shirt for {...} and indulged in a sword cane because I recently discovered my other (normal) cane was damaged. I am really unhappy about that, but my new baby is just <333333 everywhere.

Cut for f-lists and bonus Giovanni cosplayCollapse )


OHMYFUCKINGGODONEPIECEISFINALLYBACK And I really really really wanna cosplay Doflamingo. Like, you wouldn't not believe how bad I want to do this. I think I have a thing for ridiculous costumes because I still want to do Cruella DeVil at some point.

Beforehand I was getting owned in Brawl by tacster002 XD

Moved into college, had my first day of classes. OMG need pictures of my room so bad. Will get on that, I totally swear.

1. Reply to this post with the word PIRATES (or NINJAS) and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Ffffff he's just so cute. I stole this from the internet forever ago and asdfghjkl there still is not a better heart icon for me.

You know it's true. Haha, mostly it's my "Omg I feel wicked weird and wtf and whaaaaat today so let's go!"

THAT POOR TURTLE. DUDE YOU GOTTA GET SOME PREVENTATIVE MEASURES OR SOMETHING. Story of my life, stop making the same dumbass moves, durrr.

Gant is not amused. Nor will he ever be. For those moments when you're just like, well, *points* He says it best.

*snerk* This still makes me laugh. Because, well, it's kinda true. I spend enoguh time in fandom looking for ships that it's not totally outrageous.

MUDKIPZ I HERD U LIEK DEM. SO. FUCKING. CUTE. Pokemon, meme, reciprocation~ <3

Lame talking is lame, I'm so sorry. XD;


Aug. 21st, 2010

...Shit, it's been a month since I've posted? Major fail on my part guys.

Geez, what have I done? Okay, the major house upheaval revealed a bunch of video cassettes of movies that are famous, but I just haven't seen so I watched Silence of the Lambs and Pulp Fiction. My brother loves to raid the movie channels we get so we caught Inglourious Basterds and a number of other fairly recent movies. Been on a bit of a zombie kick for awhile, so we've seen Undead or Alive, Dead Air, and Pontypool. Dead Air really failed, don't bother, but the other two are good as a zombie comedy and an alternate zombie-esque situation.

I've been backing off manga in favor of western fandoms and indulged in buying JLA: Tower of Babel and JLA: Divided We Fall. I am totally okat with these purchases as I freaking love the Justice League and these issues are fantastic like nobody's business.

BUT I did finally get around to reading Highschool of the Dead and holy shiiiit what the hell was wrong with me, why did I put off reading that for so long? Zombies and a hell of a lotta fanservice, fuck yes. Super tempted into cosplaying Busujima-sempai, but do not have hair/wig or the legs for that. Might just do it anyway, don't really know.

NOT GONNA LIE: I get a little...whiny? Not bitchy so much, but it's lame after this point so skip if you wanna.

Is it too much to ask when to be allowed a little indulgence in being petty once in awhile? I gotta pal that likes manga, but doesn't care enough to read 18 page chapters when they release. And they used onemanga. So, didn't work out too well when they left it alone and came back to "Oh, we shut down, no reading, sorry!" And they apparently can't use a simple search engine for "scanlated *insert manga choice here*" and come cryin' to me for a new site. So I get a little "better-than-you" on them and it goes:

J: who's fault is it they left it alone for a few weeks?
D: nevermind then
J: no, i just want you to admit it
J: i ALWAYS have options
D: why do I need to admit it?
J: because i feel like being smug
D: I don't see why

And bam! end. I mean, I would've been appeased with a simple "Mine." and it would've passed and no parties hurt and what the hell, I can't indulge in something petty once?

Jul. 25th, 2010


You have NO idea how absolutely excited I am, because, this thing has been lost since 2-3 years ago. I literally put it down on the table, came back for it a couple hours later and it was just gone. No trace. Somehow it ended up inside a dish, inside a cabinet.

In other news, my grandfather is here for some undisclosed amount of time and we're turning my house upside down. Bringing crap out from the basement, moving things around between the two carports we use for storage, all the stuff in the house, and just I don't even know what the hell we're doing with it all. Jeff and I think we should take everything we don't want/need/know anyone else wants/needs and throw it into a bonfire. Dad might agree. But somehow a 3-1 vote does not win, and my mom just acquires more shit. So work: bleh. Ring: <333333


Ugh, so has anyone seen the announcement on Onemanga? Well, if you haven't, they state they will be shutting down due to publishers' disapproval of scanlations, regardless of licensing matters. I am thoroughly not happy with this. I read several ongoing series and while there are some alternative places I could read them, Onemanga is hella convenient and doesn't mess with my computer unlike some other places.

I just- I don't know, am really bummed about this. I can understand publishers' concerns over scanlations, and I understand people wanna try and cooperate with situations like this, but, man, I like reading everything basically and if you've seen my posts complaining about Jump going on break, how will me going cold turkey with everything be any good for me? 

Geez, I'm just not gonna like this at all.